Generac Pressure Washers

A solid mid-range washer

Generac manufactures its own brand of pressure washers, as well as the Craftsman line of pressure washers carried by Sears. Generac makes low-cost, high-power pressure washers that are geared towards the consumer and the “prosumer”, as well as some industrial-grade models. Generac’s main business is actually in the backup power and standby generators industry, but their pressure washing systems are also very popular.

At the time of this writing, the Generac gas-powered pressure washers make use of Honda GC and GX engines, or small Briggs and Stratton motors in the low-end units. The machines produce pressures in the range of approximately 2000 Pound per Square Inch (PSI) to 4000 PSI, and have water flow between 2 and 3 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). The engines have power ratings of 5 HP to 15 HP, and weigh between 80 and 140 lbs.

An added feature that sets the Generac machines apart from much of their competition is their use of a significantly oversized muffler - this causes the pressure washers to run much more quietly. Until recently, the main national carrier of Generac pressure washers was Home Depot - however, they have recently switched to carrying Excell and a few smaller names. Generac also claims to have a national network of smaller dealers for purposes of repair and service, but customer reviews suggest that these shops are not always readily accessible and reflect poorly on the dealer network.

Given time, perhaps this will change. However, for the moment we don’t recommend a purchase of the Generac pressure washers unless you’re a handy do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t mind tuning and repairing their own power tools.

Many accessories intended for other brands of power washers, such as Excell and Craftsman, will also fit a Generac machine. So even if you cannot find nozzles, wands, or other parts and accessories for your particular brand, your local home improvement or hardware store may have suitable additions for your machine. It is important to note that integral components or components with warranty coverage (such as pumps) should only be replaced with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approved parts until the warranty has elapsed. Once your warranty has expired, you are basically free to use whatever pieces you want.

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