Pressure Washer Brands

A look at makes and models

In the world of cold water power washers, heated pressure washers, and steam cleaners, there are many names to choose from. Karcher, Excell, Mastercraft, and Simoniz are all very popular manufacturers of consumer grade pressure washer systems, with full lines of accessories and replacement parts available at most major department stores.

Each of these manufacturers also carries pressure washer systems which are heated, gas-powered, and of a more professional grade than the more popular, economical and accessible brands typically carried at discount and home improvement stores.

Some brands are associated with quality, others with low price, and still more with excellent customer service (and some with all of the above). In general, you’re getting what you pay for with pressure washers - quality and durability tend to come at a price.

As with other industries today, many of the major manufacturers make use of parts from other companies - Karcher, for instance, uses Honda motors. Mastercraft pressure washers can change from one series to the next in terms of components that are used, where they are made, and the build quality that may be present in them. But if you’re looking for an economical pressure washer to spray off your deck without pitting or damaging the wooden surface, one of these electrical models may be a good choice.

If you plan on making heavy use of your pressure washer for hours at a time, an Excell or Troy-Bilt gasoline fuelled power washing system might be the best choice - you don’t want to overwork a smaller electrical model that’s only meant for ten or 20 hours of usage per year. Troy-Bilt is owned by MTD Equipment, a company known for its tillers, lawn tractors, hedge trimmers and other yard maintenance devices that has equal reliability in its gas-powered pressure washers.

Whichever brand you choose, it’s a good idea to make sure that you find the best model possible by understanding the terms you’ll run into as you shop for a pressure washer, and learning exactly how to wash your car or deck without damaging these valuable surfaces.

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